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A Modern Reincarination of Graphire: WACOM Bamboo Series Drawing Tablet Reverse Engineering

This is going to be a short follow-up of the previous article; please read that one before proceeding: . Same as before, all the high-resolution PCB scans have been uploaded to GDrive: I'm personally attached to the Bamboo product line because that is where I got started 10 years ago. The Bamboo product line is initially made of cheap pen-tablet products designed for the entry-level market. WACOM intentionally limited the performance of those products to avoid direct competition with their professional Intuos product line.  Interestingly, by the time I started using their products, WACOM had gradually shifted the focus of this product line to experimental and high-diversity products, including mobile phone styluses, ultrasonic pens (The first Bamboo Inkling product), mobile phone applications, and paper-based products (e.g. Bamboo Folio

Hacking a CASIO fx-5800p Programmable Calculator